Our Story

Made in Hong Kong, made by you.

Our company

The parent company of The Lederer is Hong Kong Shui Hing Tannery, which has more than 30 years of experience in leather making and is the only leather factories still engaged in leather production in Hong Kong.

Our retail outlet is located at Sham Shui Po which provides leather gifts, DIY stitching packs, handmade leather, custom made hand-sew products, easy-to-approach workshops and high quality leathers. We hope to become a leather specialty store, from raw material production to semi-finished leather products, one-stop service of finished products.

In Hong Kong, there are only one long-established tannery. Perhaps the leather factory does not have gorgeous decoration, no comfortable air-conditioning, no pleasing environment; but there is a professional knowledge, mechanical operation skills and insights. Hong Kong people have the ability including professionalism and attitude — definitely better than the entrance leather. Therefore, we are determined to cooperate with Hong Kong leather factory – Shui Hing Tannery to set up a local brand. On the one hand, we support Hong Kong manufacturing and strive to implement hand-made leather products. On the other hand, we want to re-construct the value of Hong Kong’s manufacturing industry, regain the old feelings of Hong Kong industries and create value that caters to the new era.

Our philosophy:

“Lederer” is an English noun that means Leather Maker.

The Lederer insists on the use of recycled local slaughterhouse cowhides to make leather, which is environmentally friendly and also reduce carbon emissions from transportation.

The Lederer aims to provide quality goods and professional advice on leather materials and craftsmanship, and to take care of the needs of our customers. The teaching workshops we offered also give DIY leather lover a chance to communicate and interact.

Our Store

In 2017, We opened the retails store at Sham Shui Po. Our aim is to contact more leather lovers who do not often communicate with us on the Internet. The outlet provides Italian leather, leather made by our own tannery, hand-stitched leather bags, leather tools and skin care products.