Leather wholesale

Product Care

In wet weather,Leather product will have discoloration, cracked and become mildewed problem.
When you using leather product ,so daily cleaning or weekly cleaning product care is the most important thing.
Also, we find the Japanese products Columbus is highly rated in leather care products.



The Lederer provides a full range of high-quality leather craft tools tools to make your production easier and your work more perfect. 


The award winning tool company, Doldokki has been innovating and modernizing tool designs in Korea since 2007. Founded by an automotive designer, they quickly established a reputation for high quality, beautiful tools. In 2016, Doldokki won the Good Design award in Japan. We’re proud to offer their full line of tools.

We named ourselves The Lederer after an ancient term for Leather Maker. We produce Hong Kong-made cowhide, provide high-quality leather products and a community platform for all leather lovers.